Frequently Asked Questions

Important Note

We welcome your questions about our care and services but for your convenience, we have listed here many of the questions we receive most often with our responses.

What services are offered at the clinics?

Primary care in general which includes Wellness Screening for males/females, Immunisation for kids/adults , Women’s Health Screening, Blood and Urine Tests, Minor Surgery (includes Circumcision in certain clinics), X-Ray facilities(including CT/Advanced Radiology), Stress Test/ECG and  Dental Care.

What are the hours of operation?

Most of our clinics operate 7 days a week including public holidays while selected clinics in strategic locations operate 24hrs/7. However, some of our clinics located in office building/in-house work on a 5 – 6 1/2 days a week. You can always find a Qualitas clinic in your vicinity which meets your expectations.

Can I schedule an appointment?

Yes you can, if you wish to make appointments for Wellness/Health Screening, Minor Surgeries and Pap Smears while in most of our clinics, walk-ins are accepted at all times daily.

How late can I walk in a clinic and be seen?

Our clinics are open for walk-in service. We will do all we can to accommodate a patient, however some medical check-ups may require you to fast after 10pm the day before thus an appointment need to be scheduled for. Times vary for clinics. Also if a patient requires any laboratory test, the appointment needs to be made earlier so that any specimens can be sent to the laboratory the same day. However should you have any problems, please call our nurse at the clinic and they will be pleased to assist you.

Can I walk in for a same day medical check-up?

Yes, you can anytime of the day , provided you have fasted at least 8-10 hours earlier while drinking plain water is permitted but otherwise you will have to schedule it the next day and come in the morning.

What should I bring if I am a new patient?

Your Malaysian identity card (NRIC), passport for non-Malaysian and identification as provided by employer whether it is staff medical book, ID tag or medical visit chit/slip.

Can I walk-in and see your doctor any time?

Yes, but please keep in mind there may be a longer wait during our peak time in the mornings between 8.30am-10am depending on the number of patients waiting to see the doctor.

When is the best time to call for an appointment?

Our peak calling time is between 8.30am-10am every morning, especially Mondays. For faster service, please call before 11am. However, should you wish to call after 2pm, an early appointment is always possible.

How early should I arrive for my scheduled appointment?

We advise that you arrive 15-minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. This allows ample time for registration, the completion of any necessary paperwork and the nursing staff can perform various checks before the doctor can begin. This is also a courtesy to the patients who have appointments following yours. We want everyone to get their fair share of time with the doctor.

How should I prepare for a laboratory test?

Many common laboratory tests require fasting, which means having nothing to eat or drink, except water, for 8-10 hours prior to your blood draw. You may take any prescribed medications at the usual times. Lipid/Cholestrol Profile test required you to fast. All other tests like Liver/Kidney Function, Thyroid Function, HbA1C and Hepatitis A & B Tests do not require you to fast.

How long will my appointment take?

Your appointment may take more than an hour, including waiting time. Appointments for new patients can last slightly longer than for follow-up patients to give us time for a complete medical history and physical examination.

How long will it take to get my lab results back? How will I be notified?

Most tests results will be available within 24 – 48 hours, however some “urgent tests” for screening of Dengue Fever can be done in – house while others will be available within 6 hours. In cases, where special tests are needed, it may take up to a week but it will be explained to you by the attending doctor and the clinic will normally contact you as soon as the results are available.

How much am I expected to pay?

Our charges are very competitive for the quality of services rendered and within the guidelines set up by the Malaysian Medical Council. As some patients are covered by their own Panel / MCO on payments they may be guided by their healthcare providers’ contract with the clinic. The final cost will however depend on the duration of the consultation, type of test done, the medicine prescribed and the duration of the treatment.

What type of doctors do you have?

All our doctors are very experienced and are carefully selected by the Medical Services Dept. They are fully registered with the Malaysian Medical Council and hold a valid Annual Practising Certified. It is compulsory that our doctors attend CME’s to keep themselves updated on the current treatment trends as well as latest clinical procedures. As Family Physicians, most of our doctors have been trained in all aspects of general practise which includes adult wellness, women’s health including ante-natal care, chronic illness, minor surgeries as well as vaccinations for all children and adults including Haj Pilgrims and travellers. In fact, some of our doctors hold additional qualifications in Dermatology/ Aesthetic Medicine as well as Occupational Medicine and provide these services at their respective clinics. Please visit our Doctors’ Profile to find out more information regarding our doctors’ qualification, training and interests.

Do you have any female doctors?

Yes, we have quite a number of female doctors at various location. Visit our doctors’ profile for further details.

Do all of your doctors do female annual exams?

Yes, all of the doctors are family practice providers with chaperon during examination of the opposite gender.

If my regular doctor is unavailable, can I see someone else?

Yes, any available doctor may see you. Our doctors work as a team and your records are available to all our doctors. The doctor-on-duty will refer to your medical history available.

Can I make an appointment with your Dermatologist?

A certified dermatologist is NOT staffed at our clinic, although our doctors do treat many skin issues, including mole and skin tag removal.

Can I see just one doctor?

Yes, we encourage you to establish a relationship with a doctor of your choice. We also encourage you to have a back-up in case your preferred doctor is unavailable or on leave.

Do I need to see a doctor before I get a vaccine?

Yes, you will need to see a doctor for a consultation prior to getting a vaccination. Once you have discussed the vaccination with the doctor, any subsequent doses of that vaccine course can be given by a nurse as advised by the doctor. If you have commenced a course of vaccine in another country and require a continuation, you will still be required to see the doctor.

What vaccines do I need to visit a particular country?

It is difficult for a nurse or doctor to answer this question over the telephone. Each country has its own specific requirements depending on such factors as where the patient is staying, the activities they undertake during their travels and of course the patient’s own medical history. A travel consultation will clarify the patient’s needs and check which vaccinations are up-to-date.

When do I need to come in for another vaccination?

We have a vaccination register set-up which allows our nursing staff to contact patients when they are due for any booster vaccinations. If a patient calls to enquire about their vaccination schedule, a nurse will be able to check the patient’s record to what vaccinations are outstanding. When attending the clinic it is important that patients bring their travel vaccination record booklet.

What is a specialty referral?

We provide primary care to our patients. Some patients have more complicated problems that require the attention of specialized doctors. If we think a specialized doctor could help you better, we will give you a referral to the appropriate government or private hospital.

Who can I talk to about a complaint?

There are a number of avenues available for you to share your opinions in this regard. You can always ask to speak to the Manager of any clinic/department, area, or location when you have an experience that you feel is less than excellent. We encourage you to take this step for immediate resolution of any problem or issue. Another avenue available to you is to write to Medical Services department under Enquire Now (Doctor’s Consultation and Treatment Malaysia). The department can provide additional attention to your questions and address concerns about care or service issues that a patient or family member may have including complaints, compliments about staff and services.